2.16 – Stay With Me

Fall days are boring, with the constant rain making it almost impossible to go out to the parks or explore around town. Gem bought the kids a chest set to keep them occupied, but even Damon would have preferred something more childish. Like a doll house. Or dolls. 

“I got your knight!” Mira comments cheerfully as she knocks down his knight with a bit more force than necessary, sending it flying off the table. “I’m totally goanna win and there is nothing you can do about it, nerd!”

Actually, there’s a lot of things he can still do. But he lets her win the game before re-setting their pieces. By now he knows there’s no point in trying his best around her. As long as he lets her win half the games she’ll be happy. And to be honest, he’s distracted anyway.

Much like her father, Mira doesn’t even notice. She just focuses harder on the board. He takes her queen only a few moves in.

“Watcher. Now you’re just being a jerkwad.”

She learned that language from her older siblings. They don’t seem to realize she can hear them from her room.

The weekend comes and Isidore tells his parents that he and Leya want to visit grandma and grandpa Sari. They think nothing of it. But of course Grandma Coral is a vampire, and she’s not fooled into thinking the kids just want to hang out.

She doesn’t even begin with any formalities or small talk. As soon as they’re seated, she gets to the point. “How badly did you fuck up and what can I do to help?”

Isidore is taken aback by Coral’s bluntness, but they already agreed that Leya was going to do all the talking. He was just here for morale support.

“I need an abortion. I know what Grandpa does for a living, and I’m sure he knows someone who can help me.”

For a moment, Coral is silent. “That’s quite a request, sweetie. Illegal too. You’re sure this is what you want? There’s no coming back from it.”

Leya nods. “Yes. I’ve given this a lot of thought, and while I know I want kids someday, I don’t want them now, and I don’t want my kids to have that asshole for a father.” She pauses for a second before continuing. “I’ve made a mistake, and while most girls would have to live with it, I don’t. So I’m here asking for Grandpa’s help. Please.”

Coral promises to see what she can do. She’ll call as soon as she knows. However she also instructs Leya to tell her father what’s going on; and soon. Isidore doesn’t bother telling Coral that that might be difficult. Gem’s rarely even home anymore. And when he is, he’s busy with the younger duo.

There are only a few months left before Moonlight Fall’s next election and Gem is really rallying for those last minute fund donations. Gator could be a good source of money, but after Bay’s confession, Gem pretends like his old friend was never born.

He was about to ignore the man Gator entered with, before recognizing him as the father of Isidore’s new girl friend. Gem likes Amelia significantly more than that awful Riverhaven girl his step son was dating last year, so he decides to make an effort to get to know Amelia’s dad, Alphonse, and fill him in on the local politics of course.

“In France, the police left us to our own devices. A pack brother was killed by our leader over food, and the police did nothing. That is why I fled with my daughter when my wife left me. I don’t know if our kind will ever achieve equality, but I will help your cause none the less. For my daughter’s sake.”

The latest poll results are in, and Gem is the clear favourite to continue on as Mayor, and with a term already under his belt, this will make his pro-equality stance all that much harder to ignore.

Leya hears the good news at school. “Congrats Daddy!”

“Thanks, sweetheart. It’s been a long road, but we’re almost there! Maybe once this is all over we can have a big trip for just the family. Who knows, it might even double as your graduation gift!”

Leya was thinking of keeping her word to Grandma Coral and telling her dad what was going on, but his words change her mind. She’ll sort this problem out herself and her dad can focus on work. It’s her problem, no one elses.

Like clockwork, the clock hits 6 am and Mira is out of bed and dressed in the new outfit dad bought her. She likes it far more than that pink monstrosity mom made her wear.

6.15 am on the dot, a surge of power warms the room and Damon appears in mid air. He’s been doing this for about a year now, but only when no one else is around. It’s really annoying.

“You know, the stairs really aren’t difficult to use. I mean, we’re not toddlers anymore, and you use them when mom and dad are awake. Why do you insist on freaking me out every morning with your dumb teleportation thing?”

He doesn’t answer. He never answers. He just smiles at her.

He’s so annoying!

They eat in silence for a bit before Mira remembers a word she heard her sister say last night. “Hey Damon, what’s abortion mean?”

He drops his spoon and stares right at her. He got that look from their dad. She stares right back at him and after a moment he shrugs, picks his spoon back up, and keeps eating.

One would think the teens in the house would be the first ones up, but they typically wake up around 7:30. Right before the bus shows up to take them to school. Normally, they’d be on the same bus as the kids, but today Mira and Damon are going on a field trip to the movie theatre, so Leya and Isi are free to leave whenever they want.

Today’s the day. The doctor Grandpa Nico found is waiting inside the local hospital, everything has been set up, and Leya’s even called in to school sick. Her parents won’t be notified and after today this whole thing will be behind her.

“I’ll be a phone call away if you need me, and I’ll be here to pick you up at lunch.” Isidore promises, kissing his little sister on the forehead.

“I know.” She nods, not meeting his gaze. “I’ll be okay.”

She turns away from him, towards the hospital and walks forward confidently. He’s been beside her throughout everything, but she’s insisted that this final step is something she needs to do alone.

He’d do anything to be in there with her, but he had to go. School’s starting any minute and Isidore needs to be there. Their parents can’t find out what’s going on.

Amelia was home sick today as well, so Isidore certainly wasn’t expecting to see her waiting on his porch after school. He almost doesn’t want to interrupt her, seeing her so deep in thought, but she sees him soon enough.

“Is it true?” She asks him with a serious expression on. “Is your sister really pregnant?”

For a moment, Isidore feels anger, but he manages to hold it down. “Where the hel- uh, heck did you hear that?”

“Nico Sari came over a few nights ago and I overheard him speaking with Mr. Wolf about Mr. Sari’s granddaughter’s problem and how to get rid of her ex boyfriend. Since Leya is Mr. Sari’s only granddaughter even close enough in age to be pregnant I figured it might be her.”

Isidore had no idea Grandpa Nico had gotten his biological father involved. “What? I had no idea they were doing anything to Elrich. Leya wanted him left alone. She just wants to forget everything ever happened!”

“Don’t worry. They arn’t going to hurt him. Just scare him off!” She hesitates for a moment before reaching into her back pack and pulling out a wrapped box. “I don’t know if Leya will accept this or not, but my mother was our pack’s alchemist. She taught me what she knew, and I brewed up some fresh sleeping draughts this morning. They’ll help with the pain. Physical and mental.”

And that’s the moment Isidore decides he’s going to marry this girl.

Finding himself with a rare evening off, Gem decides to spend some time with the kids. He’s noticed Damon being even quieter than usual, and asks him whats up.

Damon hands him a piece of paper. It reads: “What does abortion mean?”

“Where did you hear that word?”

He should be angry. He’s aware of that much. Bayrose was furious when he figured everything out and told her. She wanted to cancel her upcoming concert so they could talk to Leya together, but he convinced her not to. It would be better for him to talk to Leya alone. Goodness knows he loves his wife, but she can be a bit rough around the edges when it comes to “talks”.

Even so, he has no idea what he even wants to say to her. Does he give her a lecture? Discuss a punishment? It seems so ridiculous considering she managed to not only get pregnant, but have his own father organize an illegal abortion behind his back. She’s already gone through with it, his father was willing to say that much at least. She’s also perfectly healthy, which was Gem’s other fear. So what now? Where does he go from here?

The sleeping draughts Amelia gave her have been working like a charm. She’s able to sleep soundly every night, and wakes up refreshed and energetic, even when its just a short nap.

Usually she wakes up to see Isidore sitting at the foot of her bed, checking to make sure she’s okay. She stops dead however when she realizes the figure in her chair isn’t her brother. “Dad? What are you doing here?”

“Were you never going to tell me?” He begins, not bothering to beat around the bush. “Were you going to keep everything to yourself and let us guess at what happened if you’d died? You’re my baby girl, Leya, you should have told me!”

“I didn’t want to worry you.” She mumbles, not meeting his gaze. “This was my problem, dad, not yours. I handled it on my own, and I had Isi around to morale support. You’ve been so busy with the election and everything, I just… I didn’t want to worry you. I didn’t want to worry anyone.”

To her surprise, her dad pulls her in for a hug. “Well next time, I want you to worry me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy.” She smiles, relieved he still loves her. “I understand, and I promise.”

Next on the list is talking to Isidore about what he knew. And more importantly: “Why didn’t you tell me!”

“We handled it!” Isidore insists. “And Leya didn’t want you and mom to know. You guys would have just yelled at her. You’re hardly even around anyway, so why should we have told you?”

“Because you’re my children!” Gem insists. “If I’m not listening, then you make me listen!”

Gem’s never been cruel to Isidore, but Isidore always knew Gem wasn’t his father. He was just his step-dad, not his real dad. That asshole was his real dad.

“But I’m not your son.”

Gem’s face falls. “Yes you are. I’ve been your dad since before you were born. And you’ve always been as much my son as Damon is. Don’t you ever break my heart like you two almost did again. Understood?”

Isidore can’t help but smile. “Understood!”

Song title: Stay With Me by Sam Smith

One thing that always bugs me with the sims is that it is so hard to keep this high initial toddler relationship scores with their parents to stay that high. By the time my siam hit their teens, their parents are basically strangers to them because I’m so focused on reaching those final career goals. I figured I’d at least try to touch on that here.

No surprise here. Isidore’s secondary career is Alchemist. I don’t particularly like that career, but it works for what I have planned.

Next chapter might take a while to finish. I’ve got a lot of set building to do.


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