3.02 – Favourite Record

“They need you.” 03.02.01


— In the fight for Freedom, weakness means death. Since being saved by her cousin, all of Mira’s spare time has been spent getting stronger. Magic lessons with Miss Kaia are interchanged with physical work out sessions with her cousin and the other fighters. It’s become such a routine in the last five years. If Mira isn’t working out, she feels antsy. 03.02.03 “Good form.” Her cousin states, nearly startling her. Thankfully, he doesn’t notice. “Morning, Evan. How was your patrol?” “Fine.” He states simply before moving into the heart of the matter. “Mother wants you. She has something she needs you to take care of for her.” 03.02.04 A good soldier doesn’t question the orders of her superior. Mira is not a good soldier. “A job? You’re joking, right? I thought we were in hiding! I’m just a face… I don’t actually… you know.” 03.02.05 Evan only shrugs. “It’s not my place to question her, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. When you’re ready, she’s waiting for you in the den.” 03.02.06 There was no ‘being ready’ when one was facing Miss Kaia, so Mira headed to the den immediately. As expected, Kaia was already sitting there waiting. Kaia hated waiting. Immediately, Mira put on her guard: a fake, loving smile towards the woman who wanted to be referred to as her mother. Mira already had a mother. She didn’t know where she was, but this woman wasn’t her. “Glad you could finally take the time to join me, Mira.” Of course Evan took his sweet time getting the message to her. 03.02.07 “I’m sorry, mother.” Nothing on Mira’s face gave away her repulsion of calling Kaia by that title. “I’ll come right away next time.” “All is forgiven.” Kaia smiles, sending a shiver down Mira’s back. “Now, I called you here because I have something I need you to take care of for me.” “Anything.” “Your uncle recently saw someone who could cause problems for our little group of freedom fighters. He’s the mayor of this town. Not someone too influential, but his… vocal opposition to our kind could bring too much attention from the big city. Fortunately for us, he has a son just about your age.” 03.02.08 Peri Meadows, their resident fairy, had warned Mira this day would come. “What do you want me to do?” “Nothing I have Peri do.” Kaia smirked, as if reading her mind. “I just want you to kidnap him so I can kill him.” Somehow, that’s so much worse. 03.02.09 — Time passes, and every moment Isidore and Janell have alone, they spend in bed together. 03.02.10 It’s not unusual, during times of war, for a physical spark between two opposing personalities to become something more. That’s why there are so many quick marriages during time of war. 03.02.11 That’s also why there are so many babies born during times of war. 03.02.12 Telling Isidore about her pregnancy has to have been one of the hardest things Janell’s ever had to do. The look of panic on Isidore’s face doesn’t do much to calm her fears, but he doesn’t go running for the hills. In fact, it only takes him a moment before he smiles at her. 03.02.13 Everything is going to be just fine. He promises. 03.02.14 — Not everyone hates living in Kaia’s home. For Connor Matthews and Peri Meadows, it allowed them to meet. And fall in love. 03.02.15 With Connor being one of the only two men in Kaia’s home not directly related to Mira, she can’t lie about not having had a crush on him. But he’s so old. A whole ten years older than her! Not that she’d ever stand a chance against a girl like Peri. She was perfect. Beautiful, kind, and a half fairy-half witch. She was the strongest magic user in the house. 03.02.16 Which is why Mira needed her to act as her backup. “Sorry to cut the snog session short Connor, but I’m going to need to borrow your girlfriend for a few hours.” 03.02.17 Connor makes a curious sort of face at her, and then smirks. “Well, I’m not exactly opposed to letting you borrow her, but I really do think you’re a bit young for that kind of experimentation, kiddo.” 03.02.18 Before Mira can put her foot so far up Connor’s ass he’ll taste it, Peri comes to the rescue. “Heading out for a Kaia mission?” Mira nods. “Yeah. I have to kidnap some brat politician’s kid and bring him back.” “Sound pretty basic. Why do you need backup?” “I have a bad feeling in my gut.” 03.02.19 Most people would laugh at that sort of reasoning. But not Peri. “Right. I’ll be ready in five.” 03.02.20 — There aren’t many places Rhiner, the son of the mayor can go to be alone. The far side of town where the old fairy circle stands might just be the only one left. His father would kill him for being in a place like this, but who’d tell him? 03.02.21 Transportation via Connor’s abilities is an nausea inducing but necessary means of travel. And as always, he delivers them right to their target’s feet. 03.02.22 As Mira approaches the target, Peri readies a glamour to hide them all. Unfortunately for her, she’s not quite fast enough. 03.02.23 As a vampire cannot stay out in the sun for long, Rhiner’s personal bodyguard was just out of sight when the girls arrived. She makes short work of the frail fairy in front of her. 03.02.24 Startled by the fray, Mira doesn’t react. Rhiner’s out of arm’s reach and safe from being a hostage when the vampire turns her attention to the little witch. All the spells, all the magic, all the training… it disappears from Mira’s mind as soon as she locks eyes with the older woman. The vampire dives into her mind, tears down her boundaries and reading everything. Nothing is hidden, even things Mira herself had long since forgotten. It’s like a dam has been breached, and feeling faint, Mira falls to the ground. 03.02.25 As the vampire steps up to finish her, Rhiner steps out from his hiding place behind the rocks. “Marie. Stop.” The 1000 year old vampire, Marie Merrick, stops her attack. She doesn’t question him, instead stepping back and motioning for the young boy to come closer. 03.02.26 As Rhiner’s feet come into view, Mira faintly contemplates attacking him. All that line of thought gives her is a share pain that explodes down her midsection as Marie gives her a mental warning. It’s effortless for Marie. Holding her down is like swatting at a fly. Mira’s never met an occult so powerful before. 03.02.27 “Is it her?” Marie asks as Rhiner studies Mira’s face. “Yeah.” He answers, eyes growing sad. “This explains a lot, really.” Marie smiles, genuinely, as if reminiscing. “First meetings are never what we expect from what we see in dreams, Rhiner. She’s a person, same as you and me.” He nods in understanding. “So what now?” 03.02.28 “I got what I needed from her mind.” Marie answers, her smug smirk returning as she studies her nails. “I would have suggested killing her and leaving her body as a warning for the little goddess, but I suppose I can let her off easy this once.” She chuckles. “Not like we won’t be seeing her again soon enough. Next time, I may have to even try. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?” 03.02.29 Mira has a million questions, but Marie’s hold is keeping her from even making a peep. At least her mind can still function, and she uses it to imagine killing Marie a thousand different ways. Marie chuckles at her fantasies, and then suddenly the pressure is released. “Sweet dreams, little girl. Tell Kaia I’m coming for her. Oh, and do give your uncle my best.” 03.02.30 And with that note, Marie leaves Mira’s mind fully, leaving only a small order for Mira to sleep. Within seconds, the darkness surrounds her. And Rhiner and Marie are gone. 03.02.31Favourite Record is a song off Fall Out Boy’s latest album. Honest to god, I have had this chapter finished for a month now. I just had no motivation for the final scene. Thankfully the proper motivation arrived in the form of: “Well, I don’t want to do anything productive today. Where’s the sims story at?”. Visions aren’t necessarily things that are going to happen. They could have already happened. They could be happening now. Maybe Kaia’s wrong. Maybe some visions won’t come true at all. I’m really glad I got a chance to bring Marie back.


8 thoughts on “3.02 – Favourite Record

  1. Excuse me whilst I fangirl over Connor a bit…… (Sorry, it goes automatically)

    Mira really doesn’t like Kaia does she? Does Kaia know about it though, or maybe she just doesn’t care. I liked the whole; don’t worry Mira, you’re just going to kidnap someone so I can brutally murder them. No big deal, just killing someone. Mira has good instincts, so is Peri dead now or? And what will Kaia do to her now that Mira failed?

    Isidor is going to be a dad. Why does he promise that everything will be fine? That’s like promising everything will go horribly wrong. Would think he’d learned that by now.


    1. Kaia is likely very aware of Mira’s feelings. But its not like Mira can act on them, so Kaia doesn’t care. She’s in control of their little “family”, so as long as no one does anything to contradict her, she’s fine with letting them dislike her.

      Peri is pretty dead, yeah. We’ll find out the consequences of Mira’s failure soon.


  2. Grr, how dare Mira call my Connor old! Haha, he is pretty old though, compared to her at least. I like the sarcastic-y attitude you’ve given him also
    I do hope that Mira is okay, and Peri, as of yet, I don’t like Marie nor Rhiner.

    I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that what’s between Isi and Janell won’t end well 😦


    1. Marie and Rhiner might grow on you. Might not. Every character in this story is working for the beliefs of someone else. Rhiner and Marie are going to be a foil for Mira and Damon.

      If it helps, Isi’s roll is for couple.


  3. I caught up! Whew! Your legacy is a real trip, so much tragedy, I never know what to expect.

    Anyway, comments. I really want to know what’s up with Damon! Where is he? I really liked him. Mira is very pretty as a teen, I really like her so far too. She’s feisty! She’d probably be my vote for heir, as of right now.


    1. Torturing sims makes me happy. It sometimes slips into my legacies. : )

      Oh Damon is fine. He was supposed to be in this chapter talking to Mira but it became an unnecessary scene. So he and the last member of their group will be seen next chapter.

      I’m so conflicted for my heir vote. I think Mira’s story will be interesting, but both heirs have a story that can’t be told without the other. And I have SUCH an awesome idea for Isi’s kids generation. But none for Mira’s kids.


  4. Interesting. Did Kaia expect Mira to fail then? With Blaine around you wouldn’t expect something so big to go awry almost at all. And Kaia is very very careful, very crafty, very wily.

    Poor Peri. The strongest magic user in the house as no match for Marie isn’t a good sign either.

    I take it we’ll be seeing Rhiner again then.

    And you mention Damon but don’t show him? Tease! I need to see him to know he’s alive and still being awesome!


    1. I know, I know. Damon will be here soon. His scene was really slowed down the momentum of Mira’s scenes.

      Wether or not Kaia expected Mira to fail stands to be seen. The mayor’s family is definitely a threat to her little establishment, but it obviously isn’t for the reasons she thought. Perhaps Blaine isn’t as powerful as we all thought. And for those who never read my previous legacies: Marie was born with the same abilities Blaine has… but has had much longer to hone them.

      We will DEFINITELY be seeing Rhiner again. You don’t spend hours designing a character for a one-off. (Okay, well, some might. But not me).


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