Clarity – Chapter 01

Life was supposed to be simple. It was supposed to be easy, and follow a certain set of rules.


Life was NOT supposed to involve blue people living in the house across the street.


The… sims, for lack of a better word, all arrived from the mainland the night prior. Clarity’s mother, the humanitarian Purity Moth Blanc, gave up her family’s island as refuge for families to escape the mainland plague.


The families given acceptance to the island brought everything and everyone. Little Plum Mathers celebrates her first birthday on the island. Her parents host a party so everyone can meet each other.


Clarity makes an effort. He really does. He knows that for the rest of the world, colourless sims like he and his mother are known as the weird ones. Envy Brett is a curious sim who asks endless questions about Clarity’s pigmentation.

Like Clarity, he has a love for sciences and biology. Given time, they might be friends.


Unfortunately, that’s assuming Clarity can stand to stay around people for more than an hour at a time. His crippling social anxiety was never an obstacle until now.


The moment Clarity graduated high school at the tender age of 15, he moved to his family’s abandoned island and worked as its caretaker so he could be alone. This was supposed to be his home away from everyone else. Now his only sanctuary are the four walls of his pure white home.


Less than six months have passed since the new comers have come to the island. Clarity has made progress. Being able to stand being outside while his new neighbours go about their business.

On a more unsettling note, he sees they’ve begun breeding.


The Mathers family has started up a grocers to supply the families with local produce. They approach Clarity about his personal garden, and after some thought, he agrees to expand it and sell them the extra.


A second shipment of lucky sims arrives a year after the first. There are only four sims on this one. A family of three, and a single girl.

Clarity meets the yellow family early on. But the girl avoids the gatherings and no one is even sure which home she chose.

He sees her for the first time while out for a jog on the beach.


She’s Coral Rose. His childhood sweet heart.

He hasn’t seen her since she moved away when they were twelve, but there’s no mistaking her.


In the weeks that follow, Clarity wouldn’t exactly say he was stalking Coral… but he did happen to run into her often.

It didn’t take him long to realize she spent most of her time in the park right next to his house, using the public easel a neighbour had placed there.


He also learned she had taken residence in the house right next to his own.


There was no denying things. Clarity had a crush on the girl next door.


He finds her randomly one evening, exiting the tiny little theatre they’d set up after the midday matinee.

Gathering up all the courage he can find in his little bony figure, he decides to walk up to her.


“I was wondering when you’d say hi.” She smiles, sending his stomach into loop-de-doops. “I was going to grab a bite to eat. Join me?”


Ginger, the resident red sim and the only one on the island who could cook for a damn had her own restaurant set up for the evenings. Clarity had never stopped by before now, but he’s impressed!


He tells her all about his life and decision to move to the island. It had been lonely at first, but he came to enjoy the solitude. It gave him time to pursue his love of science without distraction.


In return, Coral gives him the run down of her misadventures on the mainland. Her mother was a doctor, so they’d been in the epicentre of everything when the plague hit. She survived, most other didn’t. She was one of the 10% to be naturally immune, so when she was approached to come to the island she didn’t think twice. After all… she knew there was a chance he’d be here.


Its getting late, so they say their goodbyes.

He goes in for a hug.

She goes in for a kiss.

This was a nice surprise.


She smiles at his sheepishly. “Call me? Let’s do this again soon.”

“How’s tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is perfect.” She laughs.

He realizes he’s in love.


She heads to the grocers to pick up a few last minute items. He sneaks into a secluded area, and disappears in a beam of energy.

Seconds later, he re-materializes back at home.


Not all of his family’s weirdness comes from their skin tone. As he grew older, it became harder and harder to hide his disappearances from his friends. So he took a vacation away from people. The seclusion helped him figure out how to control it.

Now if he could just keep his little ability under wraps, that would be great.


With my current random legacy generation being so heavy on the set building, I started up a save game for a colour my world legacy. It’s one of those berry sim things that’s always going around. I have no idea if there are actual rules for it somewhere, so I’m just doing things my way.

Couldn’t find a good “white” skin for Clarity, so I just used the default pale ass white boy skin tone instead. All other sims will have the correct skin.


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