Clarity – Chapter 02

It’s been about a month since Clarity and Coral started dating.


In that time, a science facility was built on the island. Today it opened, and Clarity was asked to lead the research team! He wanted to tell Coral right away, so he came over even though it was nearly 11 at night.


Coral doesn’t care about the time. The news is so exciting! Her boyfriend is going to be a total hero!


Heroes are totally hot.


They’ve been trying to take things slow, at their own pace rather than the break-neck-twenty-kids-and-counting speed the rest of the town seems to be running at.

But that night, Coral asks Clarity to stay the night.


From that point on, it becomes part of their routine.


It’s no surprise to either of them when Coral realizes she’s pregnant with their child. Clarity asks her to move in so they don’t have to worry about going back and forth between their two houses. Coral says yes.


Their routines don’t change in the least. Coral writes and paints while Clarity works at the lab. And when he’s home, they have dinner and then sit down and read next to each other. Talking doesn’t feel necessary.


Not to say they never talk. Coral doesn’t know much about biology, but she listens patiently while Clarity talks about his day at work.


With less than a month before the baby is due to arrive, Clarity breaks their routine by pulling Coral into a passionate kiss before bed.

“Can I have a minute?”

“You can have all my minutes.” She smiles. “What’s all this about?”


He drops down onto a knee.

Coral feels the air get stuck in her lungs. She can’t breathe.


“Coral Rose. I loved you when we were just kids, and when I saw you here I knew it was a sign we were meant to be. Will you marry me?”


Coral knows the ring is nothing more than a shiny stone he found on the beach, but the ring isn’t what matters. It’s the man offering it to her.

“Yes! I thought you’d never ask!”


It’s the moments like this that make Clarity realize being around other people really isn’t so bad. Not when they’re people he cares about.


Coral goes into labour shortly after.


She gives birth to a boy. Little Chinook Blanc.


By his first birthday it becomes painfully obvious that he inherited none of his father’s colouring, but many of his features.


Having put off their wedding long enough for Chinook to become a real sim rather than a larva baby, Clarity and Coral elect to have a private wedding.


They exchange their vows. Nothing too fancy. They promise to love each other til death do them part, and to never go to sleep angry at the other.


They take a moment to gaze into each other’s eyes.


And then seal the whole thing with a kiss.


Little Chinook doesn’t pay his parents any attention. He’s too busy playing with his little doll. Fortunately for him, he won’t be an only child for long.


This story as a whole likely won’t go too in depth into the story (Until I suddenly decide to kill off half the characters and start another world war like I tend to do in my random legacies). This save game is just for my amusement.

My god these two make good looking kids. I might take their daughter, alter her colouring and add her into my other legacies.

Chinook = A species of Salmon native to Canada.

Colour themed names are hard, and I didn’t wanna name him after a flower.


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