Clarity – Chapter 03

Pregnant again.


Coral and Clarity have a daughter this time. A little girl who they name Hyacinth Blanc-Rose.


With Clarity working long hours at the laboratory, and Coral technically working from home, she finds herself being more or less a stay at home mother. It’s not something she really minds. She loves spending time with her children.


Hyacinth becomes a child! She inherits her father’s eye colour, but literally everything else from her mother.


And Chinook becomes a child.


Some of the families started a small construction company to build larger homes. Clarity and Coral put in a request when Hyacinth was born. She’s almost two before they can move in to their dream home.


Cece interlude:

LOOK AT THIS HOUSE. LOOK AT IT. I spent HOURS colouring everything. I am so bloody proud of myself.


Ignore that green bed. It’s Hyacinth’s future bed and I just forgot to CAST it.


Their old house was way too small for a dinner table. This is the first time all three of them have been able to sit down and just talk together.


Chinook takes after his mother in more than just looks. When he grows up, he wants to be a writer-illustrator just like her!

Also like his mother, he loves experimenting with different colours. Their are no written laws against dressing in your own colour, but it is frowned upon.


When Clarity and Coral moved into their new home, they celebrated. Nine months later, Alpine Blanc-Rose is born.


Coral’s writing has really taken off lately. She brings in almost as much money as Clarity does, but it requires longer hours and leaves her stressed out.

Playing with her beautiful baby girl helps.


At school, Chinook makes friends with Briar Brett. He’s a few years older than Chinook, but he’s still more than happy to play with him.


Briar’s dad is green. His mom is blue. All he got from her was his beautiful eye colour.


With Clarity’s 40th birthday coming fast, he finds himself in the beginnings of a mid life crisis. Coral feels no apprehension towards her own aging. She’s accomplished enough in her life to be happy, not sad.


She tries to show Clarity that he should be happy too.


Clarity has a beautiful, loving wife; great kids; a dream him and dream job… but the feels of regret remain. What’s missing?


The Blanc-Rose family lives in routine. After work and school, the family sits down to pursue their own private interests.

Clarity.03.18 Clarity.03.19

Briar’s family throws a party. They invite the entire family, but only Clarity decides to break routine to attend.


Briar’s little sister, Ivy, is just about Chinook’s age. She would have been a great spouse… too bad she looks like Elphaba.


The Minnow family was one of the original families to arrive on the island, but they’re a tight group and rarely leave their tiny section of the island.

This is the first time in years Clarity has seen the Minnow’s teenage daughter: Ice. She and her twin brother were the only teenagers on the island until their birthday last month. They both eagerly await the arrival of new young adults on the island.


Clarity calls Coral asking to stay late. She gives him permission and has dinner alone. She’s just glad he’s going out and having fun. Maybe this will help with his mid life crisis.




I know I need to pick an heir eventually. So far Hyacinth is my favourite, but Alpine got the evil trait (I roll randomly and only re-roll for traits that add nothing).

In different news, I’ll be at the filming of my short film on Monday the 18th. Crazy excited!


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