3.03 – 21st Century Breakdown

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They all blamed her for Peri’s death. None of them would say so out loud, but she knew.


She’d been trying to avoid her brother all day, and for the most part had managed it. But of course, he wasn’t the easiest person in the world to hide from.


“I swear to the Watcher, Damon, if you try telling me this isn’t my fault I am going to kick your face inside out!”


He doesn’t say a word, but keeps his arms up. After a moment, he turns his palms upwards, changing his position from defensive to open.


Mira dives into him immediately, crying into his shoulder as he just holds her silently.


They move things to the sitting room once Mira has a better handle on her emotions. It a more comfortable setting for a one-sided conversation than the workout room.

“I’m just finding it hard to believe neither Miss Kaia or Uncle Blaine would know the Mayor’s son had a vampire bodyguard. And doesn’t that make him a total hypocrite anyway? Kaia DID say he was very vocal against supernaturals.”


Damon says nothing.


“I know, I know. I’m looking into this too much.” She sighs. “But I have to find out more about this mystery woman if I’m going to be able to destroy her. I’m probably going to head over to the library tomorrow and see if I can dig anything up on her. Can you distract Uncle Blaine for me?”


Damon frantically shakes his head “no”.

“Oh come on. It’s the best place for me to dig up information on vampires. So we can avenge Peri!”

Sometimes, Damon wishes his sister was more of a coward like him.


Library square is right in the middle of town, and a common meeting ground for families in the neighbourhood. Fortunately, they all know to mind their own bloody business and no one gives Mira so much as a second glance.


No one but the last person she would have wanted to see, of course.

Evan would kill her if he knew she allowed someone to sneak up on her while she was grieving.


“I knew you’d be here.”

Suddenly hyper aware of the boy behind her, Mira begins devising an escape strategy.

“I wanted to apologize for what Marie did to your friend. We didn’t realize you guys weren’t the enemy until it was too late.”


“You think we’re not the enemy?” Mira spits, voice laced with poison. “I’d love to hear how you came to that conclusion.”

“It’s… a bit of a long story.” He answers, hesitantly. “Can we talk about it in one of the rooms?”

All of Evan’s training is telling her to say no. But she wants answers.


The side rooms in the library afford them a bit more privacy than the main rooms do. It also offers a closed door in case Mira decides to just kill this boy herself.


Rhiner knows her threat, so he gets right into his story.

“I started seeing visions when I was five. My mom died when I was born, and dad never knew she was a witch. I only found out when Miss Marie told me. She was sent to train me and take care of me when this whole shit storm started. There’s been quite a few attempts to get rid of me since then, so Marie is used to just jumping in to save me by this point. ”


Mira isn’t sure she can believe his words.

“Kaia sent us to kidnap you because your dad is the Mayor, and we need to keep his quiet and subservient. If she or my Uncle knew you could see visions too, I know they’d have asked you to join us. We can protect you. My Uncle will be thrilled to have found someone else like him.”


“Funny, I thought your prophet saw everything, and let’s not forget WHO sent you there to kill me. You guys aren’t the enemy, but you’re working for her.”


Mira has a retort ready, but she can’t quite say it.

“Miss Kaia is rough around the edges, but she’s working towards a better future for all of us. Including you, since you’re one of us. I doubt your Marie is perfect.”


“Right. That reminds me.” He hops to his feet, wandering over to the computer with purpose.


It isn’t til Mira notices him opening the recycling bin and emptying it that she stands up. “What are you doing?”

“I knew you’d be here because I saw you finding something about Marie on this computer. Just making sure that doesn’t happen anymore.”



She’s barely gotten two punches in before the door opens and a pair of blue hands are pulling her off of Rhiner.


Rhiner is still young. He hasn’t yet learned to look into the potential outcomes of his visions. , Mira punching him was obvious in retrospect, but he’s still mad about it. His madness turns to shame when he sees Marie wandering in behind the blue prophet.


Damon enters last, and pulls Mira to the end of the room before standing next to her.

When Mira finally sees who they brought with them, Damon is the one who has to hold her back, but if the look on his face is anything to go by, he’s not too happy with it.


And then their Uncle just makes it worse.

“I want to apologize for my niece’s behaviour. We don’t have much opportunity to practice polite conversation with people these days.”


“I’m sure my Rhiner deserved it.” Marie responds, eyes averted from Blaine’s face. Her hands smooth her shirt out. She’s dressed like she just came from the gym.


“It is, however, nice to finally be able to put a face to the name. The underground rebel network is abuzz with the things you’ve seen. If you forgive my forwardness, I wasn’t expecting you to still be so young.”


“If people had been this abuzz before the war had started we might have been able to prevent this.”

“I’m pretty sure not being believed is the curse that comes with seeing the future.” Marie responds with a sweet smile.

“You act as if you’d know, Mrs…”


“Marie. And it’s… miss.” She responds, hesitant, smile gone.

“Well, Miss Marie, my name is Blaine Love. I’d like to offer the olive branch to you and your ward. Would you like to join our little family in making the world a safer place?”


Before Marie can give a response, Mira jumps past Damon.

“I will never let you come near my family, you monster. You killed Peri!”


Marie doesn’t miss a beat. “To be fair, I let you live. And this was after learning you and your friend were both there to kill my Rhiner.”


“You’re not innocent.” Mira spits back, threateningly. “Rhiner knew I was going to find something on you. That’s why he was here, to stop me. Next time, he won’t be. And I WILL take you down.”


Marie steps back, unamused.

Blaine can’t hide his contempt. “Mira, these people are not our enemy. You’re not to bother them anymore. Now let’s go.”


Rhiner stands as the other group make their exit. He tries to catch Mira’s attention but fails.


“Good luck with your abilities.” Blaine states, grabbing Rhiner’s attention. “It’s a difficult thing. Do not be afraid to reach out if you need anything.”


“Don’t be afraid to reach out to us either.” Rhiner responds, as they trail out.

He goes to stand next to Marie, but then meets Damon’s gaze.


He’s trailing behind. Going so far as to hesitate before exiting. He looks up at Rhiner again, and then towards Marie.


His eyes meet Marie’s, and she quickly steps up to him. He turns away, but lets her into his mind.

After a moment, she smirks. Gone is the quiet, apologetic face she put on for Blaine. “I think I can do that, Damon. Leave everything to me.”


By the way, for those interested in Marie’s backstory, look no further. She was born as a multi-generation character to end my first 10 generation legacy, and wound up becoming the main character. She was also my favourite female character in any of my legacies until Paris Sabo was born.

Song: 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day


6 thoughts on “3.03 – 21st Century Breakdown

  1. I know there was only just a picture of him but poor Connor </3 (sorry, I'll talk about the rest now, haha)

    My oh my, I really don't like Rhiner. Marie is a little more okay now, as it feels like she has more of a conscience now but now I'm not so sure because of the apologetic face she put on for Blaine…

    Mira's cool though. I like how feisty you've made her, hehe.


    1. Rhiner is definitely a product of his age. He’s been spoiled and told he’s special since he was a child, and tries to match his personality to Marie’s confidence… but he really can’t pull it off. I’m looking forward to exploring his character more no matter who wins the heir vote.

      There was an interesting discussion back when I first created Marie’s character, about wether or not she even knows how to be genuine anymore. I’m having a lot of fun with Marie and Rhiner, and probably won’t really reveal their true sides until they become comfortable enough with one heir to let them in.

      I’m really happy with Mira’s character. I struggled with her a lot, trying to figure out if she was a victim or a survivor, a kid or a fighter. Still making some of those decisions, but I think her personality has finally shown through.


  2. Damon’s so awesome. and ❤ Blaine 😦

    Aaaah, now that’s an interesting twist there. Has the mayor still been as outspoken since discovering his sons ability? Poor Rhiner’s mom though. That had to be a really tough position for her to be in. Shoot, poor Rhner. No mom, abilities that couldn’t have been fun to suddenly have, a dad who doesn’t hide his feelings about supernaturals. Still, he’s a smug one and totally needed Mira beating up on him a little.

    The line about him not weighing the consequences of his actions made me laugh. Seems both he and Mira are little more than typical teens in that regard. It’s neat to see the interplay between their age and how the world has shaped who they are and their actions.

    Now then, just what did Damon ask Marie to do?


    1. I’m not sure if I really touched on it this chapter (There was supposed to be a scene with Rhiner and Marie at home before he snuck out that I cut), but Rhiner’s dad still has no idea.

      I’m really glad I was able to make Rhiner and Mira act like typical teens. I definitely want to showcase the differences between Isidore (who was 17 when he was on his own), and Mira who was 11. Isidore has to be grown up, and his mistakes have deeper consequences. Mira and Rhiner who were born in this world think they’re invincible.

      What Damon asked Marie to do will be in the next chapter.


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