Clarity – Chapter 04

Alpine becomes a child. Clarity swears he doesn’t pick favourites, but Alpine is the first to inherit his colouring. Clarity.04.01 Hyacinth becomes a child. With genius comes the burden of knowledge. Clarity.04.02 Despite having gone through three pregnancies already, it isn’t until her fourth that Coral begins suffering from morning sickness. Clarity.04.03 It’s nice, sometimes, to be able to seat the entire family down for dinner. Back on the mainland, over population meant home like the one they live in are ridiculously expensive. Clarity.04.04 The beauty of having elbow room is lost on Chinook and Hyacinth. They’d just like to finish eating so they can go play with their toys in their giant rooms. Clarity.04.05 Despite being the second child in a growing family, Hyacinth feels like an outsider. Her little ability might have something to do with that. Clarity.04.06 Ivy’s other brother: Raindrop. Clarity.04.07 With the first bump, Coral goes in for the first doctor’s appointment. Turns out they’re having twins this time! Clarity.04.08 With the island’s recent population boom, the sim nation government decided to open schools for all the children. No one is really looking forward to it. Clarity.04.10 With the older two at school and Alpine asleep for a nap, Clarity and Coral decide that the twins will be there last children. They’re getting too old for this. Clarity.04.11 There might be another reason for Clarity’s decision against wanting any more children. And Icy Minnow might be it. Clarity.04.12 Hyacinth was here to take pictures of flowers for a class project. The happy couple are so wrapped up with each other, neither even notice her. Clarity.04.13 She runs home immediately, little heart broken from what she saw. Clarity.04.14 When Clarity gets home, Coral already knows. The whole TOWN already knows. She’s disgusted with his actions. Ice is only eighteen! Still a baby! What’s wrong with him? Clarity.04.15 She won’t kick him out for their children’s sake, but there is no way in heck he’s sleeping in their room anymore. Clarity.04.16 For the forceable future, the living room becomes Clarity’s new bedroom. Clarity.04.17


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