Generation Three Heir Vote



Theme song: Young Blood by Bea Miller

Couple + Help
3 kids
A: Alchemist
B1: Political
B2: Freelance Scientist
Gen Goal: Property Mogul
Misc Fun: Multi-Cultural (I’m going with occult status instead of cultures)

Mireya remembers seeing her father’s assassination on the TV screen, and the sudden appearance of her cousin Evan to rescue them from the coming soldiers. Everything following that is a blur.

She’s a creature of passion, and rarely thinks things through. That’s what her cowardly brother Damon is for. She has a very one track mind when it comes to her goals, and her current goal is to take down the bitch who killed her friend. All those she meets claim her “mother” the Goddess Kaia is the cause of all evil in the world, but Mira knows that the vampire Marie is so much worse. She just has to figure out how to show that to the rest of the world… and get Marie’s little pet human off her back in the process. God Rhiner is annoying.



Theme song: Centuries by Fall Out Boy

2 kids
A: Angler
B: Alchemist
Gen Goal: Social Bunny
Misc Fun: Half-Siblings

Isidore and Leya had front row seats to their father’s assassination. Soldiers came at them but they managed to escape into the crowd and have been on the run ever since. A lucky broadcast gave them the information that their mom, Mira, and Damon had all escaped as well, but they’ve had no evidence since then that any of them are still alive.

It takes a lot to anger Isidore, and the only times he fights is when his werewolf nature overpowers him and takes control. As a human, he tries to take the pacifist route, and hates his gift of coercion. Sure, it comes in handy, but being able to order people around is as much a curse as a gift. Ever word that comes out of his mouth has to be carefully thought out. That said, he has suffered more in his short 24 years of life than most. With the deaths of his sister, Leya and fiancee, Janell, he should have broken down. Instead, he meets a woman who offers him a second chance as a meaningful existence. Marie is his saviour, and he’ll be damned if he loses his new family like he lost his last.

Cece’s Notes:

Well, I definitely have a preference for Gen 3 but I don’t think either of their stories will really change. All that is affected is whose POV we see more of. One of these characters will also be dying before the Gen 4 switch over, and the vote will NOT influence who that is.

Mira’s story is going to be revenge driven and she’s going to miss a lot of things that should be obvious to everyone else in the story (even you, the audience). For example: Just why Rhiner is so obsessed with her.

Isidore on the other hand, will be very calculating and try to understand whats going on in everyone’s heads. There will be some he sees through easily (Rhiner is less annoying in this version. I swear), but there will still be plenty of surprises for his story. Please vote for Isidore.

Song list for the secondary characters:

Marie – Skulls by Bastille
Kaia – Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Blaine – Monster by Imagine Dragons
Rhiner – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt by Maroon 5
Damon – Both of Us by B.O.B
Isidore’s future spouse – Bombshell Blonde by Owl City


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